Shopping, dining, and entertainment are all at the root of a local community. At times, your area may be defined by the surrounding businesses. Whether you live near shopping options or your favorite restaurant, having that leisure time to enjoy is a big part of our daily lives.

Galleria West is home to over 25 locally owned, or locally operated merchants that are all actively involved with supporting each other.

Why Is This Important?

Many people do not realize how choosing to shop locally can have a direct impact on their future shopping experience. When you shop, dine or frequent one of these local businesses you are supporting and improving the economy.

The money being spent at your neighborhood attractions is being put back into the community in a few different ways:

Investing Back Into Your Community

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a locally owned business $68 of that spend is invested in our local economy vs. non-locally owned companies that only $43 dollars remain in our local economy?

With the community working together toward a common goal, the places you consider a neighborhood “staples” have the ability to expand, acquire, service and offer better products/services, than national merchants.

These businesses are committed to seeking high and low to meet your needs. Whether that is special ordering products for you or contacting their vendors for the perfect item you need. Also, the merchandise offered is not what you can find at larger retailers. The merchants at Galleria West seek unique products and provide superior service. Galleria West merchants many times will deliver, pick-up, ship or provide personalized assistance to assist YOU!

Locals Support Locals

Local business owners really care about our community and the customers it serves. The merchants of Galleria West really care about you. They take a huge interest in learning about you, the customer.

It is not uncommon to see these local business owners offer:

  • - Free Samples
  • - Complimentary Consultations
  • - Pick-up & Delivery
  • - Shipping
  • - Customer Rewards
  • - and more!

Money is everything, it is important but so is value. Take time to reflect on the last time you needed advice on a product or wanted to speak with the owner that you were able to speak directly to that person or received sound, experienced advice that made your product or service you were seeking a real success!

Closing Thoughts

What do you like, what do you enjoy doing, where do your children go to school, what is important to you… and what would make your life a bit easier?

Galleria West merchants take the time to understand YOU! When you are shopping, dining or having a service performed at Galleria West you will realize the fabulous community we live in. These businesses are committed to our community from serving others, the charities they support and frankly, they care about you! Enjoy seeking local, shop local, ENJOY local!